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My Story

How The Passion Began

Ashley Cole is a remarkable individual and a professional abstract artist with more than 8 years of experience in visual art. She has built a name for herself as an exceptional artist with an indispensable ability to paint energy, communicating both feelings and emotions through color and texture. Ashley’s art journey started many years ago as a child creating things from sheer imagination. She started off as a pencil artist, before falling victim to an accident. Despite the dreadful incident, Ashley managed to defy all odds and transitioned to a full-time commitment as a paintbrush artist. She takes pleasure in integrating a mix of different perspectives into her art to create amazing pieces. With deep industry knowledge coupled with an analytic and detail-oriented approach, Ashley is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning art enthusiasts, delivering an experience rooted in service, integrity, and expertise

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More About Ashley

A contemporary abstract artist, Ashley’s achievements in the art industry have made her a pacesetter with amazing contributions. Her strong creative and painting skills have made her a keen advocate for the field of art, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance her services and continually attain excellence, with art gratification the ultimate objective. Ashley is motivated by the desire to become a global expert in her field. Credit to her evident promise, she has recently held a solo exhibition at At Gallery 90220  in Los Angeles Ca. Over the course of her personal and professional life, Ashley has explored the works of other renowned artists like Basquiat, Sam Gilliam, Mary Lovelace Oneal, and Alma Thomas. This grants her a  sophisticated and nuanced perspective that elevates her current work, enabling her to match audiences with the art they desire. 

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